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Recovery from critical illness: Good news or bad news for your critical illness cover?

It will be good news for you! Your recovery, even after you are diagnosed with a critical illness, will not mean that the insurance company will not pay for the claim anymore. Actually, that is the purpose of the critical illness cover – to provide you with enough funds to help you get the treatment you need for your full recovery.

As far as the insurance company is concerned, they will pay the claim as long as you meet the definitions of the serious illness you are claiming against. However, you will also need to survive for a specific number of days after it has been diagnosed before the insurance company will make the payment.

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Critical Illness Cover for Your Full Recovery

With today’s medical innovations and advancements, many are able to survive even some of the life-threatening attacks of conditions. Nowadays, the probability of surviving a major stroke or a major organ transplant is higher, as compared to the past.

This is where a critical illness cover will come in. When you receive the lump sum from your claim, you can use this to pay for your treatments so that you can recover from your illness. You can also use this to fund your daily needs and your monthly mortgage and loan payments.

Again, we reiterate that your recovery from illness is good news – and a critical illness policy will help much in ensuring this recovery.

Life insurance will not provide for your treatments. When you survive a major attack on your health, that’s well and good. However, this means that your life insurance policy is not there to provide you with the funds you need. After all, it will only pay when you pass away. Of course, some life policies allow you to cash out and get the cash value of the policy. But, with a critical illness, you will want to ensure that your family has the money they need after you pass away.

Health insurance can help. But only while you’re in the hospital. Health insurance will cover a portion of your treatment, depending on your benefit schedule. Usually, health insurance will not chip in for the expenses related to your recovery after the treatment. 

Buying Critical Illness Cover after Recovering from a Major Illness

For some major health disruptions, such as a stroke, the critical illness application will be postponed until you have made a full recovery. If you ever are issued a critical illness policy, chances are, the policy will exclude the illnesses that are linked to your previous illness. In the case of a stroke, this means that the policy may exclude heart transplants, another stroke or coronary artery bypass grafts.

If you have a policy and made a claim, you can still avail of limited critical illness cover if your policy has the reinstatement option. With this, you will be covered for a shorter list of serious illnesses. Of course, the illnesses linked to your previous illness will be excluded.

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Last updated on: 18.1.2013

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