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  • affects 1 in 4 women / 1 in 5 men before retirement
  • 94.1% of the critical illness claims are paid
  • protect yourself and your family if you get seriously ill
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Strengthen Your Critical Illness Cover: Explore Additional Benefits

As with other insurance products, you can get the full kit and caboodle of critical illness benefits to further strengthen your policy. Of course, you will have to pay an additional premium for each rider you will add to your policy.

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There is a full list of riders you can avail of with your critical illness policy:

Rider Definition

Return of Premium Benefit

Returns premiums after a specific period.

This rider will return all the premiums paid if some conditions are met.

If the policy remains in force for a specific number of years (say, 15 years) and is paid on time, all the premiums paid during those years will be refunded to the Insured.

If the policy reaches its full term (or if the insured has reached a certain age i.e. 65 years old) and no claim has been made, the premiums will be refunded.

For those who have child plans, the refund will be only a portion of the premiums, not the full 100%. Other pending payments such as unpaid premiums will be deducted from the refund.

Waiver of Premiums

Pays the premiums if you become disabled and unable to earn an income.

This is available only to a certain age.

It will pay the premiums if you get disabled for a minimum of 6 months. The premiums will be waived for the duration of your disability. The coverage of the policy will not be affected. There is a limited number of months when the premiums are waived.

The premium waiver will stop if:

  • You reach 65 years old
  • You have recovered and are no longer disabled
  • The policy coverage ends
  • You pass away

The disability should be due to sickness or injury caused by an accident. Premiums will not be waived the disability is caused by a self-inflicted injury, a hazardous sport, criminal acts, substance abuse, caused by AIDS or HIV or living abroad for an extended period of time. Premiums will also not be waived if the disability is due to acts of civil commotion or war or the insured’s failure to follow reasonable medical advice.

Guaranteed Insurability Option

Allows you to increase your cover for specific life events without the need for submitting further medical evidence.

Life events that enable a guaranteed increase in cover include:

  • Marriage or civil union
  • Divorce or Dissolution of civil union
  • Parenthood (whether by natural birth, adoption or marriage for children between a certain age, usually 30 days to 18 years)
  • New mortgage or major home renovations
  • Increase in income due to a new job or a promotion

Every time these life events occur, the Person Insured can apply for an increase in his cover.

Total Permanent Disability or Total Disability

Pays the Sum Insured if you are permanently disabled but not critically ill.

This pays out the Critical Illness Cover’s Main Benefit when you are diagnosed as totally and permanently disabled. The definition of disablement depends on your age. (Read more about this in the Total disablement and critical illness insurance article)

Terminal Illness

Pays out the Sum Insured if you are terminally ill.

This pays out the Critical Illness Cover’s Main Benefit if you are diagnosed as terminally ill. By “Terminally Ill”:

  • The disease should have progressed that it is no longer curable or there is no known cure
  • The disease is expected to result in death within the next 12 months
  • The disease must also be diagnosed by the provider’s Chief Medical Officer

Separation Option

Allows the split of a joint life policy into two new covers upon a divorce

The issuance of two new critical illness policies is done without the need to show further medical evidence. The cover amount and length of term of the new policy will be based on that of the original policy. This is usually for joint life policies bought to cover a mortgage.

Indexation Option

Protects the Sum Insured from the effects of inflation.

This enables the Person Insured to increase the coverage based on a set percentage or on the Retail Prices Index (RPI). The increase is applied annually without the need for submitting additional medical evidence. The premiums will also increase.

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